Vince Russo discusses Tamina’s status

Vince Russo discusses Tamina's status

Over the past few months, WWE has undergone a profound change, especially as regards the women’s roster. Vince McMahon’s company has implemented important innovations, especially as regards the female roster with some superstars perhaps too underestimated or overshadowed.

During the last episode of Legion of Raw at Sportkeeda Wrestling, former WWE booker Vince Russo attacked the company’s attitude towards a star on the female roster, namely Tamina. During the last episode of Raw, the wrestler fought and also offered a good test but in the end, she was defeated in a Singles Match against one of the main superstars of the female roster, or Bianca Belair.

Vince Russo criticized how WWE came to create the match between the two wrestlers of the red show.

Vince Russo comments on Tamina

In the course of Legion of Raw, Vince Russo criticized stating that Tamina had not been put in the middle of Raw for months and suddenly they made her fight against Bianca Belair; she is engaged in a feud against Doudrop and it became clear that the WWE has perhaps organized this match badly.

Here are the words about Vince Russo: “Guys, I didn’t understand the way they organized this match. Bianca Belair is talking about Doidrop and suddenly Tamina comes out of nowhere, I don’t even remember the last time we saw her, it came out of nowhere and I said to myself, ah, Tamina, what does it have to do with this angle? In the end, it became clear that it was a filler, Bianca was thinking about Doudrop and there was no correspondence with Tamina.

I think that by doing this WWE literally killed the character Tamina, yes, we killed Tamina!” During the show, he criticized other options chosen by WWE such as the choice to present Dominik Mysterio in the ring after the assault suffered last week by Bobby Lashley.

Natalya and Tamina had quite a long reign as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. It seems Natalya enjoyed the run as she responded to a member of the WWE Universe who was saddened by the fact that the tag team was split in the WWE Draft.

“I really loved being in a team with @TaminaSnuka. We were the 2nd longest reigning Women’s Tag Team Champs in @WWE and we made history at #WrestleMania 37, as the first women to have two matches at WM. I’m so proud of us and grateful for that special time,” Natalya tweeted.

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