Vicente Luque explains why he is the one who will dethrone Kamaru Usman

On a hot streak as of late, top-ranked Vicente Luque explained why he is the one who will dethrone UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

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Luque has won four straight fights and 10 of his last 11 bouts overall. He has surged into the top five of the UFC welterweight division. At UFC 268, Luque was actually tapped as the backup fighter for the title fight between Usman and Colby Covington. Luque didn’t end up getting to fight for the belt, but the fact that the UFC chose him as the first alternate shows how highly the promotional brass thinks of him.

Luque will likely have to wait for Leon Edwards to get the next crack at Usman, but Luque could be next up for the belt after that. Speaking to AG Fight, Luque explained why he’s the man to beat Usman.

“The striking is a differential I have, along with my ground game. Kamaru is a very smart guy. Whom he feels threatened standing up, he puts down. If the threat is on the ground, he remains standing. I have the ability to threaten him in both environments and I have the tools to end the fight. So that makes the fight interesting,” Luque said.

“The game to beat him has to be complete, with ground play, striking, a lot of gas because he fights at a high pace. I’ve been working on my game for this and evolving. At the beginning I was a striker, then I was doing tough fights of three rounds with a lot of action, so I showed that I have gas and now I have shown my ground game at a high level. This complete game of mine is prepared to face Kamaru’s.”

Usman is 15-0 right now in the UFC, and there are many people who believe he is close to surpassing Georges St. Pierre as the greatest welterweight fighter in MMA history. But Luque believes he has all the tools to knock “The Nigerian Nightmare” out.

“We have seen that Kamaru has liked to trade more and it could be a loophole where I will find and connect good moves. Colby (Covington) connected a lot of (hits) in the fourth and fifth rounds, but he doesn’t have that much power. I hit harder than Colby and it could be a chance. If he wants to test himself standing, I can find an opening to knock him out,” Luque said.

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