Update on Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract

Update on Jeff Hardy's WWE contract

Jeff Hardy’s last contract with WWE was for two years, so it is expected to expire at the end of 2022. Many are wondering what Jeff’s future will be at the end of next year, with the retirement always representing. a valid option.

Hardy will in fact be 46 years old in 2022 and the countless physical ailments could lead him to say enough. At the same time, there are those who argue that he could emulate the exploits of his brother Matt and give it a try at AEW.

Tony Khan’s company has had an incredible rise in recent months, taking over WWE in the 18-to-49-years’ demographic. During his long WWE career, Cameron’s star has won the WWE Championship once and the heavyweight title twice.

The three-time world champion is the ninth wrestler in history to have completed the Grand Slam and one of five to have succeeded in both formats. In a recent interview with ‘BT Sport’, Jeff revealed some details regarding his latest deal with WWE.

New details on Jeff Hardy

“When it was time to sign the deal with WWE in 2020, I made it clear to the executives that I would only accept a two-year one if I could reuse my old ‘No More Words’ theme song,” said Jeff Hardy.

“We found that there were no obstacles in terms of rights and licenses. The return of the live audience was equally fundamental, I would not have been able to continue performing in empty arenas. A superstar like me feeds on the energy of the crowd “- he added.

Jeff is back on Willow, the character he played in TNA (now IMPACT Wrestling) days. “I think there is something special about Willow. I have come up with some ideas, but I haven’t submitted them to anyone in WWE yet.

Maybe they’ll trash them, or maybe they’ll accept part of it. I think Willow could be a worthy replacement for The Fiend.” On last week’s SmackDown show, Jeff Hardy made fun of Sami Zayn backstage, resulting in the latter complaining to Adam Pearce about the WWE legend.

Pearce announced a match between the two, with the loser thrown out of Team SmackDown for the Survivor Series. Hardy got the win after landing a Swanton Bomb on Zayn and replacing him on Team SmackDown. Rollins, who is part of Team RAW for the men’s 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, told Zayn that he would take care of Hardy at the pay-per-view.

“Never meet your heroes man. They’ll stab you right in the heart. I’ll put that son of a gun out of his misery for you at SS,” said Rollins to Zayn.

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