Timothy Bradley says Canelo’s cruiserweight move orchestrated greatness

Guess what fans, Timothy Bradley has some strong opinions and isn’t afraid to share them publicly. After the recent announcement that Canelo Alvarez will be moving on (at least for now) from the super middleweight division to jump up to cruiserweight to face Ilunga Makabu, Bradley puts his analyst hat on and breaks down why he believes it’s a carefully crafted move to bolster Canelo’s resume on paper, but not necessarily the best biggest challenge out there for him.

“Orchestrated greatness,” Bradley said of Canelo’s move. “Yeah, you win another world championship, it’s great, fantastic, but if you want to be loved like Chavez was you’ve got to fight against tough competition. And I said this yesterday, belts are spectacles, man. It’s for the TV. The fighters, we appreciate the belt, it looks glamorous sitting in your living room with the shining light on it, it feels good when you defend the belt and all that. That’s where the money comes in, we all understand that.

“But if you go back and you look at the history of boxing, you just pick out a great fight — what belt did they fight for?…I don’t care (what belt they fought for), that’s the thing. I don’t care! The fight! That’s what I care about. So when you look at Canelo fighting Umbabu or whatever (Makabu), okay, you gonna make history, that’s great. But it’s not a fight that everybody’s clamoring for, that everybody wants to see.”

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