There were several issues during Survivor Series

There were several issues during Survivor Series

The WWE Pay Per View of the Survivor Series was staged on Sunday, one of the historic events of Vince McMahon’s company that sees the challenge between the roster of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. The show has seen some last minute changes, not regarding the outcome of the matches but rather regarding the show schedule.

Initially rumors related to last night said that the event was to see the meeting between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch as the Main Event and the Champion vs Champion between the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and Big E but the plans did not go that way.

In reality, things did not go that way and the match between the male roster champions was held at the end of the match.

Backstage news on 2021 Survivor Series

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had some big news to share during Survivor Series 2021.

The Chairman made multiple backstage appearances at the pay-per-view tonight, showing off ‘Cleopatra’s Egg.’ It was The Rock’s gift to McMahon from his latest movie ‘Red Notice.’ In general there were several problems on the night regarding the preparation of the show schedule.

In fact, as PWInsider suggests in the backstage there was great concern about the event, especially due to the prolonged times of several matches that led to seeing the show go almost out of time. Fortunately, things did not go like this, even a very real risk was taken.

In the night (we will avoid making spoilers on the results) the elimination match between Team Raw and Team Smackdown lasted almost over 30 minutes, a fairly high limit despite initial expectations. The main Event between Roman Reigns and Big E kept expectations and was a highly technical match with a great show and in the end lasted 22 minutes.

In general, the WWE had organized the schedule of the meetings several weeks ago but in the end, as often happens in important events like these, the company has upset everything by changing the order a few hours before the match.

After a long time, we also saw WWE chairman and owner Vince McMahon within the show, grappling with, among other things, a curious and cryptic backstage segment with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Later at the event, Vince McMahon called on-screen officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to his office.

Just when he was appreciating the two for setting up the matches at Survivor Series, the WWE Chairman noticed that the golden egg was missing.

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