There were big names in the production of the latest WWE Raw

There were big names in the production of the latest WWE Raw

The fantastic world of WWE pro-wrestling is made up of great and talented Superstars who constantly put their bodies and their health at risk to entertain fans from all over the world, but also dozens and hundreds of people who work backstage and that are never seen or mentioned on-screen by anyone.

In fact, in a match, in addition to the athletes and the referee who appear on the company’s rings, several other people put their hand, from the creative team that creates the segments, the angles and the promos who will then build the storylines and the producers, who they are the ones who actively go to create the match, telling the athletes what they have to do or say in the ring and what are the step-by-step sequences, which must be staged in the contest, so as to be able to tell a story in the best possible way.

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, there were some great producers, who even before were great athletes, who thought about building all the segments and the most important matches of the last episode of the WWE flag show.

WWE: Jamie Noble, D-Von, Jason Jordan and many more were helming Raw this week

As reported by the well-known podcast of the Fightful Select, in its latest update, several great faces of the WWE past, currently portrayed for the most disparate reasons, have put themselves at the helm of the latest red show of the McMahon company.
If TJ Wilson was the sole responsible for Becky Lynch’s promo this week, D-Von Dudley and Abyss (formerly known face of the TNA), have instead taken care of producing the contender match and the title match dedicated to the company’s tag teams.

To produce the match between Bearcat Lee and Cedric Alexander, there was the former manager Shawn Daivari, for years in the creative team of the McMahon company. Finally, as regards the great match that closed the weekly edition of the WWE red show, that is the Fatal 4 Way Ladder match with the No.

1 contender for the Big E world title, won in the end by Seth Rollins, at stake. to stage the match as we have seen it, Jamie Nobel and Jason Jordan, also former WWE Superstars who have retired for some years, have thought about it.

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