Terence Crawford Drops Shawn Porter Twice, Stops Him in Tenth

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – For the WBO welterweight championship, Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) picked up a tenth round stoppage of two-time champion Shawn Porter (31-4-1, 17 KOs) in an action fight.

The fight began with Porter coming right out throwing punches. Crawford was trying to get a decent look at Porter and was feeling him out. In the second, Porter was jabbing to the body when coming in. It was a calculated pace by both and more of a chess match. They began to trade punches in the final minute, with both having moments. 

The third was back to a boxing match, but Porter was working hard to turn it into a fight. Crawford was boxing and looking for his spots. Porter was charging in to exchange punches when a head clash opened up a cut above Porter’s right eye. In the fourth, Crawford began to put his punches together and was connecting calculated shots on Porter, who came in here and there with quick shots.

In the fifth, quick punches were thrown by both. Porter was letting his hands go and forcing Crawford to cover up until the closing moments when he let his hands go. During the sixth, Crawford was letting his hands go and prompting trade of punches.  A clash of heads opens up a cut above the right eye of Crawford. Porter would then really go after Crawford with punches as they wrestled on the inside.

The seventh saw close action with Porter landing on the inside and Crawford landing from the outside. In the eight, Porter landed several hard rights that seemed to bother Crawford. In the ninth, Crawford was jabbing well at the start and forcing Porter back. Crawford was doing a lot of body work. In the tenth, Crawford was stalking and caught Porter as he walked in to score a knockdown. Porter got up, came in to trade punches with Crawford and was dropped for a second time. Porter got up again, but his corner threw in the towel to stop the fight.


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