NFL power rankings: Rams rise, Packers spoil Cardinals undefeated season

It is once again time for power rankings, a unique exercise that no other sports website has thought of. One fun byproduct of The MMQB’s rotation system (besides getting hate mail from readers because of rankings my colleagues wrote!) is that I get to just swoop in every six weeks or so.

The last time I was in this space, following Week 2, I was writing about the difficulty of looking at small sample sizes and trying to determine what was for real. Now it almost feels like we have too much information. Every team has an outlier game or two, in which it blew out some team that would otherwise be ahead in the rankings or laid an egg nobody expected. It can be distracting to look at a team’s overall body of work, but remember that one game when that one weird thing happened. Trying to rank certain combinations of teams this year is a fool’s errand with no logic. It makes me want to scribble, “The transitive property has no use to me” on a football and throw it off a moving cargo ship.


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