Jeff Hardy talks about his old gimmick

Jeff Hardy talks about his old gimmick

In recent months, one of the protagonists of the rings of Monday Night Raw before and of Friday Night Smackdown now, Jeff Hardy, has suffered a fairly important halt to his career. After years of world titles, couple titles, side titles and big storylines, currently the youngest of WWE’s “extreme brothers”, he has been relegated to secondary storylines, which fans constantly complain about on social media.

In the last period, many, have had fears that Jeff could once again bring one of his old characters to life. This character was seen in the rings of Impact Wrestling, when he was called Willow, the bizarre athlete in masks and black and white makeup, which drove pro-wrestling fans crazy several years ago.

In fact, many have revived the name, to give new dust to Jeff Hardy, after months of nothing in WWE.

Jeff Hardy had a great WWE career

In his latest interview with Metro, Jeff Hardy meant: “I think there is something special about Willow.

I’ve written some ideas, but I don’t know if they really make sense. I haven’t submitted them to anyone creatively in WWE yet. So I just have to go there and do it, without hesitation. Maybe they’ll trash them, or maybe they’ll accept them.

I can’t help choosing, but I still think about how cool The Fiend was and then it disappeared into thin air. It was so cool to me – it’s the thing I like. I was like ‘Hey man, that’s amazing!’ He’s really gone now and I think Willow could be something just as cool.

I wouldn’t hesitate a second, but I also had an idea with the Jeff Ross character – like I’m a painter, a really weird painter, painter Jeffery Ross and Willow would be my Fiend. But then it would be too Fun House style.

But that’s the great thing about pro-wrestling – anything can become possible and anything can make sense if you think correctly and truly believe in what you do.” Jeff Hardy had a heated rivalry with Sheamus, defeated AJ Styles to win the Intercontinental Championship, and put on an incredible Ladder Match against Styles and Sami Zayn.

Since losing the title, Hardy has been directionless. On the latest episode of Raw, Jeff was involved in the 24/7 Title scene, chasing Reggie for his gold. With Jeff lost in the shuffle right now, many fans are questioning whether the best move for the former WWE Champion is to jump over to All Elite Wrestling. Let’s take a look at the five reasons why Jeff Hardy should join AEW.

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