Is Floyd Mayweather vs Julio Cesar Chavez coming in 2022?

During the WBC’s annual convention, president Mauricio Sulaiman addressed those in attendance while Floyd Mayweather and Julio Cesar Chavez were on stage, narrating a supposed agreement between the two to stage an exhibition bout in the coming year.

“At the same time they turn to each other, and they said ‘let’s do an exhibition’. Chavez and Floyd, and they’re here to announce they will be doing an exhibition next year, either in Mexico or in Texas where many Mexicans will be,” Sulaiman said to the crowd.

Now obviously this is far from an ‘official’ announcement so far as I can tell, but Chavez did seem amendable to the idea as Fight Hub TV would later ask Chavez about his interest, to which he responded that he’s all in so long as it’s a five round exhibition.

Needless to say, this idea probably won’t be too well received by boxing fans in general, and the two fighters are at very different stages of their post-boxing life. Chavez has been officially retired from boxing since 2005, while Mayweather last fought professionally in 2017. This obviously won’t be a sanctioned professional bout or anything, but Chavez is 59 years old to Mayweather’s 44, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the product we could potentially see inside the ring.

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