Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo vs. Plant, Jaron Ennis’ Rise, More

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as the super middleweight unification between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant, the rise of welterweight Jaron Ennis, and much more.

What’s up Bread? I saw your guy Boots make quick work of Dulorme, and in the most impressive fashion ! I can’t wait to see his teammate Fulton vs Figueroa, cause I think this one is gonna be way more difficult ! I have a little game for you, here are the rules : Imagine that you have to prepare 3 training camps with 3 different contexts. The idea is that I give you 100 points (money, time…) that you can invest to prepare your training camp. You have to divide them in those criterias :- Equipment and training facilities- Quality sparring- Healthy food and complements- Good atmosphere in the gym (I know this one might be too abstract)- Boxing workout- Strength and conditioning workout- Divertissement- Rest- Video analysis.

1st context :Your fighter : a young hot prospect very skillful and athletic but that tends to be an overthinker and anxious. The opponent : another Young hot prospect big puncher. The fight : battle of undefeateds

2nd context :Your fighter : the contender, a « natural » boxer that tends to be lazy. The opponent : the champion, a hard worker extra focus. The fight : 1st shot to a world title

3rd context :Your fighter : a veteran, ex-world champion with an excellent work ethic, coming back from a big loss. The opponent : a hot prospect, on his way to a world title. The fight : big step for the prospect Hope you enjoy this one!

Max from France

Bread’s Response: Ennis looked spectacular just like I thought he would. He was such a big favorite it wasn’t even worth betting on him. Fulton is in much rougher. But I suspect he will rise to the occasion. This is an interesting question. I like it…

In the 1st fight. Overthinkers are tough to train because often times they are at odds with what you tell them because it’s in their nature to overthink everything. Often times overthinkers are smart but they try to be too smart, which is different than just being smart. It’s something they struggle with in their personal lives but the boxing ring is a truth machine. It tells all. I’ve trained overthinkers and you have to earn everything you get with them. The good head trainer is more than a trainer. He has to be an organizer in order to put together a camp. It’s more than just boxing knowledge. It’s leadership and organizing skills. So Equipment and training facilities, quality sparring and a good gym atmosphere are always going to be the first 3 things any top trainer would invest in. They can’t be compromised. Believe it or not I wouldn’t watch as much film with the overthinker vs a big puncher because he may start believe that the power can affect him. I would show the big puncher in vulnerable spots on film and emphasize when he needs his 2nd wind. The thing about overthinkers is they’re confidence is all over the place. Our boxing workouts have to be on point. With big punchers you don’t want to slip up. So our boxing workouts have to be specific and the plan has to emphasized. It has to be drilled over and over. Drills build skills. You have to drill the overthinker so much, he doesn’t think, he just reacts instinctively. 

In the 2nd fight besides the first 3 things I listed in the last match up, I would enlist myself or the best strength and conditioning coach I have worked with, Tony Brady to be the task master at getting him in shape. Tony may not be available so then I would take the job. I would break the lazy gene. I would plan the workouts early in the am and late in pm so he has plenty of time to recover. I’ve also had my share of dealing with lazy fighters. Weight and meals are always an issue. So is rest. Because they become overwhelmed with the work at some point, so the diet and rest have to be on point. Lazy fighters are not usually overthinkers because they if they over thought they would know that being lazy is not the way. But lazy talented fighters, under the right circumstances will raise their games and upset the apple cart because on those times they put it all together, they really put it all together. See Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson.

In the 3rd fight after the first 3 things again, I would invest in divertissement. Older fighters have a harder times going through camp. They have all types of stuff on their minds and 8 weeks become boring to them. So they need some time of entertainment. Especially after a loss. Depression sets in. So you go shopping, go to the movies. You do stuff to get them through. He’s going to work hard but I like doing film study with older fighters. They know they’re vulnerable. So they understand what they’re looking at. You can find something together, and it can work in the fight. I hope I was able to answer the question in the context you asked.

Hey Bread,

I’m interested in a tweet you made after the Ennis fight. You mentioned Ennis not having any flaws, and also how gunslingers like Hearns, Gomez, and Norris get clipped sometimes. What did you mean by chins being a fluid issue? Dropping weight and rehydrating?

Bread’s Response: I mean that for as good as Ennis is. And I suspect he’s one of the best fighters in the world period, regardless of having a title or not, he just doesn’t have the resume to prove my beliefs correct. I understand that violent offensive fighters get hit WHILE they are throwing shots. And if they aren’t blessed with GRANITE chins, they get dropped or clipped. Let’s work backwards. Nonito Donaire is violent and offensive. He gets hit. But he has a granite chin and only Nicholas Walters who was much bigger was able to stop him. Oscar De La Hoya was a violent offensive fighter. Oscar is known now to have a really good chin but he was dropped in back to back fights as a prospect. Felix Trinidad was very hard to stop but you could hit him. He was violent and offensive. Terry Norris who didn’t have the chin the others had was kod twice in his prime. Violent and offensive. Tommy Hearns who I don’t think had a bad chin. It just wasn’t on the level of the rest of his game was clipped 3x before he was 30 because he was violent and offensive. Ray Robinson the best blend of violence and offense we have ever seen. Was never clipped in 200 fights. But he was dropped a few times. See his fight with Rocky Graziano. 

My point was that Boots Ennis is so destructive, that he’s going to get hit every once in a while. Don’t believe for one second he doesn’t have defense. He’s been gifted with some of the best reflexes I have ever seen. If he doesn’t want to get touched he won’t. You guys don’t understand when you open up in a destructive mode, the opponent can land shots. Even the best defensive fighter of the last 20 years, Floyd Mayweather, was hit in that mode. Watch Mayweather vs Corley and Cotto. Floyd wanted kos in those fights and he was extra violent and he took his share of punches. It wasn’t that he didn’t have defense anymore. It was the mode he was fighting in. I always assess defense on what style a fighter, fights in. If Boots was a defensive cutie with 12 kos in 28 wins. And he threw 35 punches/round. Then I would assess his defense differently than I do now. His defense is excellent. He’s only been caught with single shots and it hasn’t even cost him a losing round. If his chin is elite, I would take his defense all day. 

Now what I mean by a chin is fluid, is we evaluate a chin on a fight by fight basis. If a fighters gets dropped we suspect his chin. If they get stopped, we say they don’t have one. If it happens in their primes, we don’t give them a pass. If it happens past their primes we give them one. I never listen to the critics when it comes down to chins. I know fighters who have been stopped who have good chins and I know fighters who have never been stopped who I don’t feel have good chins. So therefore chins are fluid in terms of how they are regarded.

Hey Breadman,

I really want to pick Plant to win this weekend. In addition to the favorable (sometimes ludicrous) scorecards that Canelo tends to get in Vegas, I’m struggling with Plant taking such a massive jump in competition and that he’s going into the fight with way less activity than Canelo. Can you think of fighters who won big fights like this under similar circumstances? 

Bread’s Response: Lots of fighters historically have done with Plant is attempting to do and most were much younger than Plant. Experience is important but it can be overstated. Often times the more experienced fighter has more wear and tear or can get more opportunities. Some fighters can handle the step up. I’m going to give you 15 examples historically where the much less experienced fighter, won big over the great experienced champion. 

Ali over Liston

Duran over Buchanon

Pryor over Cervantes

Mayweather over Hernandez

Toney over Nunn

Lopez over Loma

Fury over Klitshcko

Bowe over Holyfield

Foreman over Frazier

Taylor over McGirt

Donaire over Darchynian

McClellan over Jackson

Ward over Kessler

Holyfield over Qawi

Vargas over Campas

I didn’t pick fights where the more experienced champion was shot. I picked fights where he was close to or in his prime or fights that ended his credible reign. I think Plant is at a disadvantage in terms of the big fight moment. I also think that Canelo’s recent run of competition and activity benefits him. But Plant can overcome this. Others have. He has to not only train his body but he has to train his mind. He can not allow people to aggravate him and unnerve him fight week. Trust me that’s big deal. He can’t absorb everyone’s emotions. Fight week can rattle the inexperienced or attention deficit fighter. If Plant’s team can shield him from that. And he fights his fight, he’s in this. Canelo is red hot but I always look at fighters who are red hot and assume they will come back to earth. They usually do against opponent’s who have tough styles on them. See Pacman vs Marquez.

I’m still curious as to who the judges will be. It will matter. Plant is in this fight.


Thanks again for the education. Like your favorites list for certain boxer qualities. Would like to give mention to Hagler on chin.

Take care,

Rich Mathews

Bread’s Response: I listed Jermall Charlo for a top chin in my last mailbag because of the question. The sender asked me what I thought was a question about fighters having unlikely qualities they aren’t popular for. For example he named Stephen Fulton for his inside punching. So I gave Jermall Charlo props because people talk about his jab and power but they don’t talk about his chin. If you watch Charlo take a punch he rarely moves off of the spot when he’s hit. He’s doesn’t ride the punch like say James Toney. He eats it, holds his ground and fires. K9 Bundrage, Julian Williams, Matt Korobov, Sergey Devrenchenko, Brandon Adams and Montiel all have good power. Charlo was able to eat their shots after being hit clean multiple times. So I wasn’t suggesting Charlo has the BEST chin boxing. I think he’s up there….But what I was saying is his chin is underrated. 

I got 5 emails complaining about me giving props to Charlo for his chin and I don’t think they read the question. For the record I think the best chins in boxing are n my opinion Canelo, GGG, Estrada, SSR, Choc, Nonito, Usyk, Danny Garcia and both Charlo’s. I listed Jermall in the last mailbag because he holds his ground more than Jermell but both have excellent chins. I don’t get the outrage. 

As for Marvelous Marvin Hagler, he has arguably the best chin ever. Hagler is underrated in many areas. His boxing ability, jab and heart are all severely underrated but his chin isn’t. If you watch Hagler in the 70s, he bounced on his toes. But he scored kos in 3 out of 4 fights over his careers. He had a bald head. He wore destruct and destroy shirts. And his kos of Hearns and Mugabi make people forget that he could really box. I’m not saying he wasn’t a destroyer because he was. But he was just as much as a well rounded boxer as he was a destroyer. He just had heavy hands so it makes you overlook his boxing ability.

Hagler also had heart. He was never really in trouble in fights. So fighters who overcome vulnerable moments are known to have heart, like Gatti and Corrales. But Hagler had a ton of heart. His roll of the dice vs Hearns has a case for being the best big fight GAMBLE in history. What if Hearns, last until the 6th round? No way Hagler could keep that pace. Hagler also had a great jab. He had 75 inch arms on a 5’8 frame. His jab was hard, punishing, active and educated. It was actually his best punch. He threw like a hybrid gazelle jab to really kick your head back. Hagler has one of the best 10-15 jabs in history and it rarely gets talked about.

Now his chin is legendary. He can eat shots like Charlo does now but at a higher level. I think there are some fighters who have equal chins to Hagler but I don’t know about a BETTER chin. The uppercut he ate from Mugabi in the 5th or 6th round was unlike any I’ve seen a fighter just shake off with no visual effect. Hagler’s chin is as good as anyone’s in history.


I remember about two or three years ago reading your mailbag and you stated that Ennis would be damn near EVEN with either Spence/Crawford. That was very bold as both of those guys were on top of their games and Ennis had not been tested yet. Fast forward to now, I think more and more people are starting to agree with you. But I want to touch on this notion that Ennis gets hit too much. Does he get caught clean from time to time? Yes, but he’s very aggressive and is looking to get you out of there. Which fighter who fights in that style does not get hit clean? Even the great Mayweather when he was trying to take the fight to fighters like Corley was getting clipped, it comes with the territory. Spence and Crawford are not leaving the ring without getting wet themselves.

To me, it comes down to if Ennis has the CAPABILITIES to box in a disciplined way against opponents he cannot get hit clean with, and I believe he does. He’s going to be able to win plenty of rounds just off his jab. If he fights Spence or Crawford, it’s not like he will be trying to come in carelessly since he knows he will have opponents in front of him that could make him pay and potentially hurt him. With all due respect to Deontay Wilder, that is someone that relies mainly on his power but it is asinine to think that’s all Boots relies on. JRock said in an interview a year ago that basically he knew he had to be on his “A” game in sparring to match up with Ennis and if he wasn’t feeling his best, there was no point in even sparring him. That was high praise from a then world champion.

That statement along with your statements a bit before that caught my eye. The way Ennis fights and his build/physique, I really think he’s going to be able to jump up three to four weight classes and absolutely take over. He has a lot of Roy to him but like Roy, there were certain fighters that at least could give him some issues. Montell Griffin’s counter punching style really made Roy think in the first meeting and I’m wondering if Ennis will have similar issues with that type of style. There’s not really any true counter puncher at WW that I can think about that fits the description but Danny Garcia may be a nice test. I think ultimately Ennis likely just overwhelms him and dominates him with the jab like Spence did. I’m going to play your percentage game with Ennis and tell me if you agree: vs Spence (51/49), vs Crawford (53/47), vs Ugas (60/40), vs Porter (55/45). Basically, I feel like he ALREADY is a top P4P talent without have the resume.

Take care.

Bread’s Response: I may not get every pick right in determining who will win a fight. But I am rarely wrong in assessing talent. I gambled on Julian Williams in 2010 and all I kept hearing was he never won Nationals. I told anyone who would listen that he would be a World Champion. I alone felt that way and I got names for my beliefs but I knew what I knew. After Williams I told the brass that Stephen Fulton was the real deal. All I kept hearing is that he couldn’t punch. I kept saying power is overrated and he hit hard “enough”. Now look at him. Jaron “Boot’s” Ennis is younger than Williams and Fulton. 

So in 2014 I hired him to spar Julian Williams. At the time Williams was in the middle of one of the best prospect runs of the last decade. He would go onto to win 50 straight rounds on ALL of the judges scorecards, over 10 fights and 3 years. Ennis was 17yrs old and not only did he give us great work, he told me I didn’t have to pay him. He just wanted to work with a top fighter. I couldn’t believe how good he was, because at the time people started believing me on how good Williams was who was 24. I was impressed and it’s hard to impress me because I know talent in sports. I knew Ennis was different but obviously there are levels of progression. I got called names again for stamping Ennis. 

I’ve never said he could beat Spence or Crawford. I said he was ready to fight them and he would hold his own. In a fight of that caliber, know one KNOWS for sure who wins and I’m no fool. I know there are levels to this. But I’m sure both Crawford and Spence and their teams know what they’re looking at. Ennis is operating at a scary level. I know he hasn’t fought a top 10 fighter yet, but I also know fighters in the top 10 aren’t in a hurry to fight them. His calm focused demeanor, punch release and placement, speed, quickness, thought process and finishing skills allow him to do things no one else in boxing can. It doesn’t mean he’s the best because he has the most freaky talent. Patrick Mahomes has the most freaky talent in football but applying it at the right times is different. Tom Brady outplayed him in the Super Bowl. Jorge Linares and Zab Judah had freaky talent but they weren’t always the best because they didn’t apply it correctly and consistently. 

Ennis has been the most electrifying prospect we have seen since a young, Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson. He actually reminds me of a mixture of Roy Jones and Johnson. At this exact level, he’s been just as impressive as Jones, Johnson and Mosley. All were overwhelming athletes, who also were ko artist as they ascended. They could basically outclass their opponents with talents but they chose to score kos. Ennis is the same way. If his application of his talent at the top level, matches his actual talent he’s going to be the best fighter in the world by 2023. Because the dominance of his performances will be different than anyone else. Right now he has a Roy Jones feel to him. I know what I see. 

Now if Spence or Crawford turn out to not just be great fighters but ATG fighters and they can turn Ennis back, then the conversation changes. You don’t know until they fight. Sometimes fighters raise their games. Sometimes a fighter has already showed us their game. When the most talented fighter turns out to also be the best fighter, then you have something special. I have a strong hunch that Ennis is special. But he’s going to have to prove it.

Jrock was telling the truth. I would let him spar Ennis but only if he was in serious shape. Never his 1st week back in the gym. Ennis was a young kid who was always in the gym fighting amateur and just turning pro and you couldn’t catch him on an off day. He doesn’t really have any, if you get the better of him, you have to earn it. 

Ennis does NOT have defensive problems. He doesn’t get hit too much. Getting hit too much would be him losing multiple rounds to out matched opponents. Or cutting up from punishment. Or getting dropped multiple times. We are talking about single shots, where the opponents never won a round and were stopped very shortly after the shots got through. It’s only a big deal because the critics make it out to be. Ennis has freaky reflexes and I know that if he plays defense and if he chose not to get touch, he wouldn’t.

Ennis doesn’t really have flaws but he has tendencies. Sometimes he plays the ropes and that can be dangerous. He also whips his body shots on the belt line and I can see an opponent faking a low blow or even a real one, causing Ennis to not be able to go to the body anymore. He’s a brutal body puncher. Last but not least, he’s so violent with his whipping shots, a fighter who has the coordination to fire when he fires and is not scared of the incoming is always dangerous. But Ennis has shown a solid set of whiskers thus far.

I don’t know if a counter punching style can cause Ennis trouble. Griffin attacked Jones, Jones would react then Griffin would counter punch. Roy kept going towards the ropes, shelling up. Ennis has only lost to brute force pressure, as an amateur vs Antuane Russell. But he was a young kid. He’s much stronger now! But we have to see if that style still bothers him….

Time reveals all. I will put it like this as far as your picks. I don’t know if Ennis can beat everyone. He has to perform at the level. But there isn’t a fighter in the world between 147-54 that I would bet on or pick to beat him. I have too much information on Ennis. I’ve been watching him in the gym since 2014. I have seen him spar over 500 rounds and he’s the best gym fighter I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If that translates to championship fights, my goodness…The big question is will he have a chance to prove what I say. In this era, great talents haven’t always been able to prove it in the ring. Terence Crawford is 34 and he still gets criticized for his resume. GGG is a great but not an ATG because he didn’t get a PPV fight until he was 35. I hope Ennis gets a chance to prove it before his abilities diminish.  

Hello Mr Edwards.

Last mailbag you were discussing Fury’s qualities as a boxer and his place on your P4P list.  One thing I wanted to add to his qualities, is his ability to recover and get stronger as the bout goes on. Every time he was knocked down or hurt vs Wilder, he seemed to not only recover quickly, but actually get stronger as a result.  I think it is a testament to his durability and heart as a boxer.

Some guys go into a shell if they are clipped or if they got hurt.  Even if they fully recovered, there seems to be a fear of getting rocked again.  Not Fury.  It lights a fire underneath him to fight harder and meaner. What is your opinion on the Paul brothers and other celebrities boxing?  I think it’s bad for the sport.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have no issue with anyone competing in boxing.  The problem I have with the Paul brothers, is they are getting the press and are treated and looked at like they are at the top of the food chain.  It is a disservice and an insult to the sport.  It takes away from the real elite boxers in the sport.

People I know come up to me talking about Logan and Jake Paul like they are P4P type of boxers and it actually pisses me off a little.  They’re almost as popular as Canelo.  Their fights aren’t even that entertaining! I think the Paul brothers are good at what they are.  Limited boxers with lots of star power and personality.  It just proves how far you can get with marketing and popularity.

Bread’s Response: I can’t believe you have a legion of people out there that think Tyson Fury shouldn’t be on the P4P list because he’s big. That’s so ridiculous. I can’t even have that conversation. Tyson Fury is one of the 10 best fighters in the word figuratively and he’s the BEST LITERALLY. Canelo, Crawford or Inoue can’t beat him in a real fight and Usyk is going to have to prove it. 

Fury has so much more than size. Not only does he have skill but his in the ring character is impeccable. Let me tell you something. All dirty fighters and rule benders have QUICK minds. They think fast. They understand how to do things and not get caught. They know how to push the limits. They know how to rattle the cages. Fury has every trick in the book. He head locks in the clinches and cuts off the air supply. He stiff arms…. His mind is operating on a different level than 99% of the world’s fighters. Just like Bhop and Eusabio Pedraza’s were, other great rule benders.  

Within the rules he’s never gun shy. He got dropped by Steve Cunningham and got meaner. Wilder dropped him twice in the first fight and he got up meaner each time. In the rematch he walks towards the power and not away from it. In the trilogy he fight he does it again. Fury may be the most resilient fighter in boxing. He gets hurt but he refuses to allow himself to be stopped. He thinks clearly under pressure and duress. Wilder has dropped him 4x and was not really close to stopping him. Everytime Fury gets up he’s ready to fight. Even in the 12th round of the 1st fight, he got up and hurt Wilder. It’s really amazing that he can do what he does. It’s Ali, Louis, Holmes and Holyfield like. Our great heavyweights, who consistently overcame being seriously hurt to win big fights. 

Critics take for granted how special Fury’s character and mind is. I know a great fighter when I see one. Tyson Fury is a great fighter. I keep going back to what Fury said to Wilder at the press conference. “Holding on to anger is like holding a HOT coal and throwing it at me. You burn yourself. I don’t want to kill you. I just want to beat you like any other man.”

When Fury and Wilder fight. Wilder fights tense and angry. Fury fights focused and calm. One fighter is enjoying the moment. The other is burning in the moment. Fury’s temperament beats Wilder. At the top level it’s a game of inches. #Thelittlethings count. Fury lands punches in the perfect spots on Wilder. He puts together the right combinations to hurt and stop Wilder. For as gifted a puncher Wilder is, he can’t land THAT shot to get Fury out of there. This is coming from someone who bet on Wilder. But I have to call it what it is. Tyson Fury is that DUDE.

Well it is finally here, big showdown between Canelo and Plant . I think this fight comes down to speed . Plant is not much bigger than Daniel Jacobs and his resume does not include big names . Canelo is short and has a short reach , but is he that much slower than Plant . All things considered , A-side , Venue , Judges , I just cant see Plant winning . Canelo just has to keep the rounds close . Plant has to win and win big . I cant see him stopping Canelo . Can you break this fight down for us as far as styles .                                                                                              

Thank You                                                                    


Bread’s Response: Canelo and Plant have similar hand speed. But Plant is longer. I think for one shot it’s about even. But Canelo is quicker as far as reaction time with both hands. And he’s faster with multiple shot combinations. Plant is more flee footed. The key to any fight is to not engage in your opponent’s strengths. Plant has no business exchanges multiple punch combinations. So although Canelo has that advantage it shouldn’t come into play if Plant minimizes the exchanges and uses his legs to avoid Canelo. 

When Canelo is in attack mode, he walks you down but he explodes in one big shot with one big step. It’s not like a Aaron Pryor, frenetic pressure. Or a Chavez, educated heavy handed technical pressure. It’s methodical with 1 shot burst. And if he puts you on the ropes, he then runs his hands. 

His defense is so good, if you try to open up, he counters you and makes you pay, so the recent opponents sort of QUELL up and just get beat on. Speaking of Danny Jacobs, he didn’t do bad against Canelo and he didn’t get stopped. I think Plant is at the least as good as Jacobs and younger. I feel that Plant can copy Ray Leonard’s No Mas performance vs Duran. Box with his legs. Avoid the outburst and rushes with his legs. If he tries to catch punches, Canelo will break up his arms like he did Callum Smith. Plant has to minimize the exchanges. Use his jab and fast straight strikes to the body. He shouldn’t throw anything hard ever. Just fast, sharp and as uncounterable as possible. 

I really believe Plant will be no worse than even after 6. Most likely up 4-2. The issue for him is he hits a wall in fights. It’s not a lack of conditioning. He’s dedicated and in shape. I think it’s a mental fatigue for whatever reason. It happens approximately rounds 6-9. This is a dangerous time for him and if he hasn’t improved in that area, Canelo can score a stoppage. I think Canelo has to not get down too far early. He has to challenge Plant’s best punch, his jab. Canelo has a great underrated jab. Canelo has to force Plant into extended exchanges and find out how durable Plant is. We have seen Plant hit but we haven’t seen him beat on. Canelo has to beat on Plant and test his physical toughness. Canelo has to RUN Plant hot. Even if he’s losing rounds, he has to make Plant burn more energy than he wants, to slow his reflexes down just enough to clip him later on. If Canelo gets out to an early lead, I think he wins the fight going away….Plant can’t afford that. 

Canelo is a great fighter. A HOF fighter. An all time great fighter. Top 10 ever from Mexico, maybe top 5. His legacy is greater than Plant’s. But Plant doesn’t have to be greater than Canelo. He has to be better on Nov 6th. He has to be at his best when his best is needed. That’s it. Sometimes it’s just a certain guy’s night. The Danny Jacobs and Sergey Kovalev fights lets me know Plant CAN win. Those fights weren’t that long ago. Both won 5 rounds from Canelo. I believe Plant is in a better place in his career than both were at those times. My guess is Caleb Plant wins a decision and the world comes to an end. Boxing twitter breaks. 

I believe it will be controversial. Some won’t like it because they talk in ABSOLUTE terms when picking fights. NONE of us really KNOW. But some of these experts, act like they know and when it doesn’t go their way, they insult the fighters or cite a higher cause for the outcome. No one can say they were just wrong. If this fight goes like I expect it to, the excuses will flow. I believe Plant will be up early. I see Canelo closing the gap and cracking him. But I feel like Plant will be pesky and fight not over his ability but over his head in terms of what we have seen. Things will get rocky after 6 but Plant holds it together and scrapes a win. See the Chris Algieri vs Ruslan Provodnikov with better fighters and more skill. Plant by Split decision but I admit I still don’t know who the judges are, as I type this and they will count. Hopefully no judges that have turned in bad scorecards over the last few years.

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