Charlotte Flair responds to reporters with a tweet

Charlotte Flair responds to reporters with a tweet

In the last week, Charlotte Flair has been the protagonist of news that we have also reported here on our site, after having failed her segment of the exchange of securities with Becky Lynch. Exactly for the duration of this week, the Queen has completely disappeared from social networks, where she is usually very active, suggesting that she needed a break from the fuss that has arisen.

Recently, however, after her appearance on SmackDown which saw her as the protagonist of the initial segment that started the dances, she wanted to respond in her own way to the journalists who attacked her in recent days.

The answer was actually very simple, in fact, she posted on her Twitter account a gif taken from an episode of the popular American show Saturday Night Live, where two of the actors working on the show say: “I hear a rumor!

I hear a rumor! ” It is not the first time that Charlotte has chosen to use irony to overcome these moments and to bury even the American journalists, or at least other times she has been able to respond in a completely calm way.

But it’s still press blackout for Charlotte Flair

We remind you that the UK tour is approaching and the WWE has banned its Friday Night SmackDown champion from talking to reporters as is usually done on these occasions.

In fact, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp tweeted: “Charlotte doing the interviews this week should be interesting”, only to respond to her own tweet with “And they pulled her out [of the media interviews]”

What to say? Maybe the McMahon-owned company is afraid that Charlotte Flair will not be able to handle the situation correctly despite being a great established professional, even if in person it is more difficult to send a gif to joke a bit, but you can still make a joke for silence everyone.

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