But is that the truth?

Alberto Del Rio states that he will return to WWE: But is that the truth?

Over the past few months, pro-wrestling fans worldwide have been able to smile thanks to some great returns that have taken place in both WWE and AEW, and you never know when another familiar face might decide to return to the ring.

Apparently, however, the name of Alberto Del Rio does not figure among them. It was recently reported that Alberto El Patron (known as Del Rio during his time in WWE) had confided to some people that he would return to WWE once his legal troubles regarding the alleged assault his ex-girlfriend had cleared up.

A rumor that has sparked many perplexities, and that has caused fans to wonder if it could really happen.

The truth about Alberto Del Rio and a possible future in WWE

Well, the truth seems to be completely different. ‘Fightful Select’ has in fact reported that sources within the company have not heard anything about any conversations between Alberto Del Rio and WWE.

A source reportedly offered the following comment in response to the idea of ​​Del Rio returning to the company: “Can you imagine if we let go of some of the people we turned away for valid reasons, only to return them sometime later? There is absolutely no way this can happen.”

‘Fightful’ also noted that the last time there were rumors about Alberto Del Rio and his possible return to the company, several sources said WWE had no plans to proceed in that direction. In fact, the Stamford company doesn’t want to put Paige in a position where you risk being around.

Meanwhile, after Alberto Del Rio’s declaration about a possible return to WWE, Dave Meltzer had stated that he did not believe in it in any way. For the now world-famous journalist, although everything’s possible this development would still be a surprise, especially considering Del Rio’s recent past.

In any case, Meltzer had admitted that in the event that this negotiation was really successful, it would be a shock for him, personally.

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