Big push for Austin Theory

RAW: Big push for Austin Theory

AUSTIN THEORY VS BIG E (WWE CHAMPIONSHIP) At ringside, meanwhile, he watches intrigued. Good start of Austin Theory and meanwhile Kevin Owens arrives (with the annoyance of Big E and Seth Rollins), let’s go back to the match.

Knees and elbows and Austin tries to count to no avail. Dropkick sending Big E out of the ring, right next to the two rivals. On his return from advertising, the young talent still shows a good performance, DDT and belly-to-belly suplex series for the champion.

New dropkick but Big E reacts with a Rock Bottom that sends Theory to the corner, Austin reacts and hits Big E, but in the meantime Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins push each other out of the ring.

The thief was revealed to be Austin Theory

Sami Zayn helped find the man who stole Vince McMahon’s Cleopatra’s Egg on WWE RAW.

The thief was revealed to be Austin Theory. Instead of punishing the thief, Vince awarded Theory a WWE Championship match against Big E. Seth Rollins arrived to watch the main event up close as his future opponent took on Theory.

The two superstars started well and Theory gained the advantage early. He made the mistake of slapping Big E and ticking the big man off. Big E takes advantage of it and closes with the Big Ending! The episode did not end here with Big E who then takes it out on Owens and Rollins and closes the episode with a Big Ending on Seth Rollins!

Thus ends this last interesting episode of Monday Night Raw. Belair called it a ‘great week,’ and it was one for her. As mentioned before, Bianca was the sole survivor of Team RAW at Survivor Series. The EST eliminated three women all by herself after all her team members were thrashed by Team SmackDown early on.

Belair looked like a powerhouse and a leader in the match. She also had a face-off with her fellow WrestleMania main eventer, Sasha Banks, which the crowd went crazy about during the bout. The ‘Tribal Chief’ of WWE Roman Reigns is highly praised for his new look since his return in 2020.

Before his return, Roman Reigns used to wear a different gear in black color (the shield gear). However, his return in 2020 has not only changed his character but also his look. Roman Reigns won his Universal Title in 2020, defeating The Fiend and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match.

Over the past year, we have seen Roman Reigns with a new gear, which includes his Superman punch glove on his right hand.

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