Bianca Belair gets an easy win

RAW: Bianca Belair gets an easy win

We see Becky Lynch on the microphone who remembers when in Brooklyn she slapped Charlotte Flair, last night was the culmination of their rivalry, which began as a friendship and ended in great conflict. Charlotte wanted to rip her off but in the end, she couldn’t.

Now it’s time to turn the page and ask the crowd who wants her as her next opponent, but she gives a few names and says that no one is worthy of her. Then Becky names Liv Morgan and says it’s impossible for someone like her to beat her.

The E.S.T of WWE is right now at the top of her game, competing with the very best in WWE. Bianca Belair showed another glimpse of her talent by eliminating three SmackDown superstars. Bianca’s performance got much appreciation, but a little fan did a special thing for the E.S.T of WWE.

Though Bianca made her main roster debut last year, she has earned massive respect and love from the WWE Universe so far. It will be interesting to see what Vince McMahon and WWE have planned for Bianca Belair next after displaying such a dominating performance at the Survivor Series PPV.

Dominant Bianca Belair

But WWE sensed the potential in Bianca Belair and drafted her to SmackDown during the 2020 WWE Draft. What followed next was absolutely astonishing. Belair won the Royal Rumble match at the 2021 Royal Rumble PPV by eliminating Rhea Ripley at the end.

The E.S.T of WWE entered the match at #3 and stayed in the competition for over 56 minutes. This incredible achievement earned Bianca Belair a title opportunity at WrestleMania 37. At WrestleMania 37, Bianca not only challenged Sasha Banks but also got the better of ‘The Boss’ by claiming her first championship in WWE (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship).

Now Bianca Belair enters the ring. BIANCA BELAIR VS TAMINA Bianca immediately sends a series of dropkicks, but Tamina stops her and throws her down thanks to a couple of blows due to her physical structure, Bianca holds up the fight and after a while, she closes with the KOD.

At the end of the match, Natalya intervenes but Bianca manages to stop her. It is different when Doudrop intervenes shortly thereafter and knocks out the EST. Becky Lynch is probably the best promo on the WWE RAW brand, male or female.

The promo she cut on her own at the start of the show was a masterclass. So was the face-to-face segment with Liv Morgan in the backstage area. Unfortunately, Liv Morgan was severely unmatched when it came to the verbal onslaught until fists started flying.

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